The ceremony of the accolade was more than just earning an award, it was a life-transforming sacrament, the start of a new vocation, and part of a person’s growth into a changed life.

My entry for the ArtStation 2D challenge depicts the beginning of an exciting new journey for the squire, and it is also a very personal piece, as it represents my own personal journey to becoming an artist, and my relationship with my grandfather, who saw some potential in me, and encouraged me to pursue art from an early age..

Just like the young squire in this piece, the person I looked up to had a major influence on where I am today. My grandfather taught me the values I live by, and prepared me for the calling and purpose in my life. He is the one who introduced me to the beginning of my ongoing art journey.


ArtStation’s Community Challenge: The Journey (Personal work)

Software Used

The squire kneels before Fortis, war leader and ruler of the Cisplatine Province, who taps him on the shoulders with a sword as part of the ceremony of Knighthood. The young apprentice looks at Fortis with admiration shining in his eyes. “Be thou knight.” A feeling of bliss comes over him. He knows this is the start of a new beginning.

Edmund Leighton, The Accolade
Romanesque architecture
Color/mood references